Thursday, July 14, 2011

when you go missing

i am a fickle creature

i got dressed with the full intention of starting to remix my own clothing, only to go back to what i know. dress, oxfords/loafers, belt (later added a cardigan). i like my remix, but i instantly felt uncomfortable, not blog worthy, and hot to say the least. i feel like my closet doesn't have enough length. i'm no, clothes horse, with the seemingly magic ability to remix items in completely new and fresh ways. i am limited, in my abilities and in my wardrobe. i don't have a lot of money (if and when i have any at all), and i try my best to find items at a thrift store that i feel comfortable enough in wearing. i used to wear only t-shirts (band shirts at that), jeans and sneakers. i slowly started transforming my wardrobe. now i feel best in a dress/cardigan/tights combo. so this is a start. expanding what i've already got.

shirt: thrifted, dress: fletcher by lyell/urban outfitters, belt: gift/forever 21, shoes: thrifted

i ended up putting on this sweater, old faithful.

i actually wore this outfit to check out rooms for rent in sacramento. i'm moving there in less than a month for school. i don't really advertise on my blog things about school as much. but i'll be going to Sacramento State for photography. and this outfit must have been lucky, because i found a tiny room for rent where the owners have ragdoll cats and a lab puppy. i'm really looking forward to everything that is happening, but i'm also incredibly nervous.


  1. I think you look lovely! I absolutely adore your glasses by the way. Good luck with school! Sacramento isn't too scary a place, I think you'l get comfy there in no time. <3

  2. oh my gosh i love this!! definitely hands down my favorite outfit you've ever posted :)

  3. Haha yes since it's winter I've been far too yellow-bellied to wear stockings and I've just slipped back to jeans/shirt combo. I guess that's because I don't know the meaning of cold most of the year!
    I like this dress, it's sort of denim-looking and the collar is nice too :)
    Goodluck with moving - it can def be nerve-racking, in some ways I wish I hadn't left home, but then I remember why I did and it's ok.
    And it will be nice to see how photography goes for you :)

  4. You look awesome! Your glasses add so much style to your outfits too. The thrifted shoes you have on here are super cool, and you're making me want to find some like them. Good luck with your upcoming move!

  5. You look lovely in this dress!! I love your shoes, and I think the way you styled this is very pretty :)

  6. i love this outfit. (especially those loafers!!!)
    love that you paired your sweater with this dress!
    can not wait for the cooler weather because this outfit is making me wish it was fall.
    you look beautiful..

  7. Love the sheen of the fabric, you look lovely :)

    It's funny how what we're comfy in changes over time :) Blogs are so brilliant in that respect. I look back at how differently I dressed two years ago and I wonder when my aesthetic changed because I think it rather did although I still own many of the same clothes.

  8. hey! i've been told we are going to meet in the haight with nicole of coco maria tomorrow! i figure a small intro is needed before then - i'm elanor!

    i really adore your glasses and shoes in this outfit! you've got a really great style.

    see you soon!
    x elanor

  9. Congrats on your decision! ;D You're going to really enjoy this change; all the best luck!

    And I really like both outfits :).

    Thanks for your comment, btw! :)

    Have a nice week!

  10. O I lived in Sac for about a year...once upon a long time ago when I was married. oeuf.

    * = )

    It has been hot hot hot here in Santa Fe...riding my scooter a lot.


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