Tuesday, July 12, 2011

lost in my mind

i've been missing in action for a while. work is getting the best of me. but don't worry, i've got some updated lined up, and many more will happen when i'm off of work (hopefully within the week). when i'm not working, i've been watching Community, cutting out moleskine holder patterns, and sleeping! i've been going to bed before it's even light out, and getting up when it's still dark outside. but the mornings are the best part. i've been watching the sunrise every day for the last couple weeks.

here are my photos from the fourth of july.

fireworks, fresh fruit, popsicles and bruised knees. falling on the grass diving for the birdie.
after working for 6 hours that day, the 4th was amazing. we had to do fireworks earlier than normal for us working girls (i'm working with both my sisters as well), and i was asleep by 10 pm. thank you to the neighbors for giving us a fireworks show far exceeding that of our annual apricot fiesta.


  1. I love how your fireworks shots came out! Looks like you had a fun time even if you went to bed early! I'm the same way.

  2. EPIC!
    I'm sad i missed it. <3 you. xoxox

  3. Looks like so much fun! I like how your heart came out orange and green.

  4. Awe, cool pics! ;) I missed your posts!

    Have a fun day!


  5. It looks like you had a fun fourth of July! Those fireworks photos are awesome. Sorry work is keeping you super busy, but seeing the sunrise everyday sounds lovely :)

  6. Lovely shots, I adore the light paintings :)

  7. very very cool all the pictures! :D first one is my favorite :D



  8. I wish I had seen the fireworks this year... although it doesn't seem like I missed much! Guess I celebrated too much Saturday to make up for my too-coherent-ness on Friday.

    Miss you ♥


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