Monday, July 18, 2011


ah the fair. i used to show rabbits, arts & crafts and photography when i was in 4-H. i remember the days of being at the fair at 6 am until late afternoon. cleaning out rabbits cages, and making sure none of them would overheat.
now i get to visit the fair as a spectator. i get to enjoy the exhibits, the food and the animals. oh, the animals!

a lionhead bunny. a recent breed, but so cute and fluffly.

sister pants

the photo booths are my favorite thing. they changed them this year, adding a dollar and subtracting a frame from the photos. they aren't the same quality they used to be, but they're still better than most. wish i had brought some more money with me.

waiting the 4 1/2 minute for our photo to be ready

my bag strap broke on me, so i had to use my camera strap for the rest of the day.

details: cardigan: target, dress: target, shoes: kmart, bag: thrifted


  1. Love it! I wish i was there. Looks like you two have a lovely day. :DD

  2. Did you really use to be at the fair at 6AM? :O Wow!

    I still haven't been to one here, but next Saturday I'm volunteering for the library's carnival. I'm sure it'll be way more humble than this one, though, hehe.

    Love the photo booth pics! ;)

    Have a fun week!


  3. You look so summery! I like how your nail polish matches the piping on you dress.
    Rabbits are pretty cute - but illegal as pets here because they're a pest.
    I always like seeing the animals at fairs. Like those ocelot-type-cats.

  4. A whole bank of photo booths - Pinch me! This looks like such fun :)

  5. That looks like a ton of fun! Sometimes we have carnivals in my area, but they're nothing like this! Regardless, I love photos in such a setting.

    And your bag - it's a shame the strap broke because it's so pretty!


  6. This looks like a fabulous fair! It's so cool that you used to show rabbits...awww! Great sundress too =) The print is so pretty!

  7. I've been going through my google reader (it is wayyyyy backed up) and just came across this post! You are so photogenic Bethany! That dress is so pretty :)


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