Wednesday, July 27, 2011

repeat offender

i can't count on my fingers how many times i've worn this dress. or how many times i've worn it with these shoes, or this necklace. or with my hair curled. i have no idea. but i like having these comfortable standards. knowing i can look presentable by throwing on these simple things.

one of my other repeated offenses is dying my hair dark brown. i'm a natural blonde, and since i was 16, i've been dying my hair. a few times, i've made it back to blonde. and more recently i was red. usually it'll end up some mix of all three. but for now, this is nice. it's still weird looking in the mirror. not quite used to it.

dress: tucker for target
shoes: forever 21
nail polish: forever 21 - lime green & opi for sephora - i'm wired


  1. Wow!! I can't believe nor imagine that you are a natural blonde! You rock the dark brown, though. If I could look so pretty with dark hair, I'd go for it! I adore that dress. I had a major crush on it for months but never went for it- now I regret it!

  2. That dress deserves to be worn a lot! It's really cute! I like how keeping a blog helps me remember the best outfits so if I don't feel like thinking of something new, I can repeat a look that I feel good in.

  3. There's almost nothing as cool as having an outfit that looks great and is comfortable!

    I'd totally like to see you as a blonde!

    Have a fun! :D


  4. You look great as a brunette. I have a hard time imagining blonde. Hahah. I love this dress. It looks great on you. The pattern is beautiful. I may be on the hunt for this dress. :)

  5. I remember blonde Bethany when you were in 9th grade! I'm jealous you can dye your heair so easily. Darker skin is harder to change hair colour and pass it as "natural" but I get by. I'm also just going to come out and say it since no one else did: Sexy legs! Rock that dress Bethy :)


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