Saturday, May 7, 2011


the weather has been so lovely! and i feel like i've been so busy (also lazy lazy) and this outfit is even lazy! i wear this dress constantly. it's so easy and comfortable and looks dressed up without trying. today i made a picnic for D and i. i made some salads and sandwiches and we had beer. it was very lovely. my littlest sister was supposed to come home today, but managed to miss her flight, so she'll be home tomorrow i think. so instead of hanging out with her, i'm going to a free production of romeo and juliet with my friend anita. hopefully it doesn't suck.
i also just got these sunglasses! with my prescription in them! it's exciting to not be constantly squinting! socks with shoes are weird. i'm not sure how i feel about them. but i thought i'd try something new.

dress: tucker for target
shoes: miss me
sunglasses: ray-ban wayfarers


  1. Omg you are such a hot bitch! I mean that in the best possible way! Your straight bangs and darker hair colour are rocking my world.

  2. I do love your dress...the floral print is so pretty. The best clothes are the ones you can throw on & look great with little effort :) I feel the same about socks & shoes but they look fab on you. Love your sunnies also, I've got tortie Clubmasters but would love some Wayfarers too...or maybe that's just being greedy! :)

  3. What a gorgeous dress! Can't believe its Target! Nice find!

  4. super cute dress! just found your blog and I'm following now. :)

  5. Versatile dresses rock! I wish I had more of them :p.

    Awe, a picnic sounds like a good idea :) ... if only it were the weekend!

    Have fun this week!

  6. What a cute outfit! I don't think target in Australia ever has such pretty things...

    Katie x

  7. I like the socks :) and those sunnies are awesome!


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