Tuesday, October 9, 2012

you & me

i've been having fall dreams since august. making purchases i knew would look lovely with cardigans and sweaters. anxiously awaiting cinnamon and spice flavored things. the beginning of october here was still in the 90s (and a couple 100 degree days), but now it has become a high of mid 70s, and i am ever so grateful. i can walk to class without sweating, i can wear my fleece to work, hot tea makes sense again. 
today instead of sitting in the design lab at school and scanning negatives like normal, i went to target and went grocery shopping. found some burgundy pants on clearance i'm interested in trying out, and a new cardigan. i still haven't found THE PERFECT CARDIGAN that works with every outfit, and doesn't fall apart after 6 months. so target ones will have to do. i'm trying to take it easy when i know i can, because i felt myself wearing down fast. 
the boyfriend and i have been watching community (rewatching for me, all new to him), and it's my favorite thing to do. have him sleep over and cuddle, and in the morning make coffee and listen to records. not much can beat that. 
i actually wore this when we went to go see paranorman in theaters! which is an adorable film, not long after we made it officially official. 

dress: forever 21
shoes: forever 21 (from years ago)
belt: stole it from my mom


  1. Dear! I just discovered your blog and started following you on Bloglovin! I love your style! Here in Spain it is still hot, hot! I need autumn to come for real too! :)

  2. Super cute dress and the activities with the boyfriend sound lovely!

  3. j crew outlet has 15% student discount, awesome cardigans, and a sale rack. i wear the cotton cardis like every other days - i have a blue and green one and they cost me like 13 and 22 dollars. and i LOVE your dress. ugh. gimme.

    your boyfriend sounds like a true gem

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. Last night my boyfriend enrolled in a French class (Bonjour Bethany, je'mapelle Emma!) and took our first lesson. Afterwards when we got in the car (and drove far enough away to start gossiping) we were both like "Community! Spanish study group!" and matched everyone we had just met to their corresponding community character. Heheh good times. Naw.. cuddling, coffee and records - we thrive on these things too :)


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