Friday, September 28, 2012

far, far away

i am still alive. since my last post, over a month ago:
  • school has started! that has mostly been what is keeping me busy. i am going to school 4 days a week, and taking 15 units. so school takes up most of my time. 
  • still also working at the nursery! which is great! i was worried i would have been let go already. but so far, so good. but that's another 25ish hours a week/4 days a week as well, so that takes up the rest of my time.
  • the boy i spoke of is my boyfriend now, and he is the best in all of the land, and i spend any chance i get between work and schoolwork, with him. this means, i've barely been blogging, let alone, having time to photograph my outfits. they've all been happening over on instagram, but that's about it. 
this outfit i wore back in JULY and it was for a guest post over at of corgis and cocktails. my sister came down to stay with me for a few days. we went to the zoo, and hung out with the boyfriend and his friends. and it was relatively chilly at night, so i was wearing more layers than i get to wear now.
does this indian summer we are clearly having in california bother anyone else? i literally am at a loss for what to wear. i had planned to be donning tights and cardigans now. but i'm still in cut offs and high school band shirts. what gives?

cardigan: forever 21
shirt: thrifted
skirt: target
shoes: payless

and here is my littlest bigger sister sam!


  1. shoot i need a picture of you two together! you at first glance appear nothing alike but I think the hair is deceiving. You are both adorable that's for sure! I like the little details in your outfit like the bow and cardi ruffles. it's still roasting during the day over here but fortunately I not longer arrive dripping sweat after my morning bike commute to work. slowly but surely it'll be fall. Anyway, so sweet about your bf, you sound smitten. Hope your last year (I think it was) is the best one yet! : )

  2. you are so cute!!! it is not an idian summer in new york :( ugh i wish.i love fall but it makes me too nervous about winter.

  3. Lovely outfits! I love your shoes! I have some too but they're too white a the moment so I need to wear them out more x Sushi

  4. YOu look great! I love both outfits!

  5. Your sis looks cool... cooler than me, what gives? Hahaha. And, yes, this weather sucks yo. :(

  6. You have some awesomely long legs running in the family! Your sister is gorgeous, just like you. You look romantically preppy, like always, love the little brooch! Congrats on the boyfriend! :-D

  7. You're both so gorgeous! I love your outfit, the peach and grey together look great. Glad you're so happy with school, nursery and your bf :)

  8. You are the cutest thing ever in this outfit and I'm in love with the soft curls in your hair! :)

  9. The colors of your outfit all go so beautifully tougher. I'm envious of those saddle shoes, man! Glad to see you've come back to the blogging world!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  10. thanks for sharing..


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