Sunday, October 14, 2012

first day

because i'm terrible at doing things on time, here is my outfit from my first day of classes this semester. i joked with my boyfriend about wearing all black, because it was was a reflection of my 'soul', and that wearing a smiths shirt will get me all the friends. truth is, i don't have many friends, or am i very good at  making them. but i think i'm a pretty good friend, once you got me. 
i've had this shirt since i was a very rebellious 16 year old (lip ring! pink hair!). and i gained a lot of weight post high school, and it didn't fit me. and it was always my goal to have it fit again. and last time i went to my parents, i grabbed a box of old clothes (band shirts), and then tried it on a couple days before these photos. now i have to resist wearing it all the time. favorite shirt then, one of my favorites now. 

i treated myself to this steal of a giant tote bag from everlane right before school started, and now i'm obsessed with it. it is so filthy now, and i've used it nearly every day since this photo was taken. it went from being stiff to soft and malleable. it is pretty much perfect, and comes in other colors, and is only $35 dollars. 
i also got sent these glasses free from firmoo as a part of a promotion they are doing where you can get free glasses! yes, free glasses, from them. i picked out their tortoise shell ones, and for the price (or free) they are amazing! they feel sturdy, came in a hard case, a cleaning cloth, and a soft drawstring bag. so much better than another pair of glasses i am going to review later. right before i got these glasses, i broke my bonlook honeybadger frames. i've since glued them, but i'm always on the lookout for cute vintage-esque frames that don't break the bank. 

shirt: hot topic circa 2004
skirt: target
belt: forever 21
shoes: payless
tote: everlane
glasses: firmoo


  1. Can I just tell you how much I adore your style! Definitely following now. These glasses fit you perfectly and I've been loving tote bags this fall. Yay free glasses! :)

  2. Ah, it feels so awesomely great to be able to fit in old clothes! :D I am now starting to wear some of my favorite old pieces :).

    Hope you have a fun week! ;D


  3. Super cute shoes!

  4. These photos are really beautiful...I love the lighting and how you've edited them. I also love The Smiths therefore I love your band tee :) Hope the new semester goes great and that you makes lots of new seem really likeable to me so I think it's just a matter of flashing your winsome personality their way :)

  5. i love fitting into old clothing like that. that smiths tee is perfect and it's great to give it new life - it's totally adorable on you. and i never make friends either. i have very few friends coming out of college - i think sometimes people just don't want to make friends, you know? they have their friends and they dont need you. anyhow - love that you're back

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. You are so adorable! Love that first day outfit. And yes, if I had met you in class I would TOTALLY be your friend becasue of the Smiths shirt.

  7. This is so gorgeous on you <3 I suck at making friends, too :c Wah!
    xo Heather

  8. I love this outfit! So cute. Hope that school is going well.

    You had pink hair in high school?! That is awesome. You should post pictures of that. :)


  9. I love the balance between grunge and girly you have in this outfit, it's perfect.

  10. It's so good to have a go-to bag for school. Mine is always quite a mess at the moment.

  11. Ugh, you are the cutest. And I am the worst commenter ever, I'M SORRY. <3

  12. Totally adorable outfit! I am loving those fabulous shoes!


  13. I love everything about this outfit, and that Smiths shirt, seriously loving! And those shoes, oh goodness you are just adorable!

  14. your specs are ADORABLE!! I need to see the opthamologist because I was contacted by them too and want glasses and havent gotten my eyes checked in years so hopefully I can get them : ) anywho, that is amazing you got back down to HS weight, way to go!! so awesome to have old fav clothes to fit back into also, def the best motivation. And love your girly take on the band T.

  15. I went through your blog for a bit and I love your outfit posts. You got some great style and I like the way you take your pictures too.

  16. Is that your natural hair color? I would loooove to see a hair tutuorial from ya, pretty!


  17. You are very cute. The glasses match you perfectly, and I love your skirt! Cute outfit. :)


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