Friday, August 17, 2012

in the middle of the day i find, they wait for you

i'm still alive. it's been overly hot here in northern california, so i didn't ever want to stand outside and take outfit photos, that's for sure. it's starting to cool down (for now). i'm still working at the garden nursery. i feel like i've been working a lot of days, but not a lot of hours. hours are getting cut because of the changing of the seasons (spring is the main event for them).  i'm not sure if i'll be kept through the winter, but i'll find out soon enough. 
i wore this post a day at work, i got let go early because it was very slow. the boy and i went to go eat at this place called pronto. i think it was the first place we went out to eat together. i got the exact same thing i got the time before, their black and blue portobello sandwich. mmm. i really like food. this outfit was boy approved as well. it felt nice to spend time and do my hair and makeup, even if i was tired (it shows on my face). we then attempted to watch the life aquatic, but didn't get very far.  
oh yeah, clothes. i recently hemmed this skirt, i wore it before, and i like it a lot more now. plus, look at my shoes! 

things in list form:
-school starts for me on the 27th. i am excited, but also, not excited. it's my last year (of my bachelors).
-i haven't dyed my hair since june. and i'm not mad at it either, but being a natural blonde, i'm afraid it's starting to look strange. 
-i still haven't finished a book at all yet this summer. i'm the worst. 
-i'm actively listening to: the fling, father john misty, robyn, and local natives. 
-i bought tickets to see my favorite band, delta spirit, for the boy and i in november! 

shirt: dear creatures
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: target


  1. thank you for the new band recs, i typed delta spirit into pandora right now! & of course cut hours wouldn't be good money-wise but it sounds like you were able to have a lovely afternoon you wouldn't have had otherwise. I def wouldnt mind that! So who is this boy anyway? seems to be a lot of talk now & I'm getting curious : ) love that skirt, great job w/ the hem too!

  2. Well you're one hell of a thrifter! I can never find anything and you found the most amazing skirt! Oh and I love your shoes.. Yet another think I'm jealous off haha :) And your hear looks great! It's not weird at all. Well, not at the moment at least haha. xo

  3. Such an adorable skirt! So in love with the pattern.

    I know exactly how you feel about school: starting year 3 soon and I moved in today. It is just really weird.


  4. everything. perfection. always. a concert with the boy sounds amazing. and your last year of school - must being exciting for you. i got my bachelors and that's all i can do - i'm done! there will be no more schooling for me please. and this outfit! i almost bought those shoes today, but there was a different pair for 6 dollars and i bought the pink loafers instead. anyhow - i love everything about every outfit you wear, but that is just fact.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. Love this outfit! The shoes are awesome and your skirt has a great print.

  6. Your shoes are so cute! And I think your hair looks awesome.

    Hope you can keep your job! ;D

    Have a nice day! ;D

  7. I love the new length of this skirt way better. Good job! :)

  8. You are such a cutie pie. And yaaaaaay, Delta Spirit!

  9. great blog! And this is such a cute outfit, especially love your shoes!


  10. love the name of your blog and your outfits! your hair is lovely, too!

    ps: we're having a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited! :-)


  11. the pop of color on the sole of those shoes is awesome!! please do a hair tutorial. most of us are jealous. lol


  12. I can't decide if I want to get those shoes or not. The great Target debate ;)

    Nice skirt. The colors and pattern are really lovely.

  13. Lovely outfit! x

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  14. This is a pretty, simple outfit!

  15. your nails match your shoes - so cute!

  16. What a pretty outfit, chambray, floral skirt and brogues is a win for me, every time! xx

  17. I'm kicking myself for not getting those shoes at Target--doh! And I cosign the Local Natives love, they're really good!

  18. this outfit is so so pretty! i love how you combined everything- it fits together so perfectly. and that pop of neon from your shoes is my favorite part

  19. thanks for sharing.


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