Thursday, May 10, 2012


the blog has been pretty quiet, but life has been pretty busy. next week is my last week of school. i'm done  with 1/5 classes. i'll know saturday if that's 2/5.  my place has gone back and forth between being super clean and nice, to a disaster.  current status: disaster.  i'm currently testing out a strip of dye in my hair, and going to leave to go to my last class for the week in a bit.  i've been finding solace in listening to my records. lifting the arm and repeating the same side for days on end. the weather is warming up and i'm not sure how to dress for it yet. cardigans are too much of a comfort for me to want to let them go yet. work keeps me busy on the weekends. work is also very very busy on the weekends. i enjoy it though. i get dirty, sweaty, and stand all day cashiering. could be worse.  pistachio has been misbehaving lately and has taken to peeing on all of the things. 

outfit details:
cardigan: target
shirt: $5 at urban outfitters many years ago, it's belle & sebastian!
shorts: target
shoes: vans 


  1. Your house looks very cute, love the shelf with the cactus's

    Also loving your blog, and I am now following :)

    Wardrobe Quarry

  2. Lovely lovely photos. I should be listening to my records more often. It feels like something I should do now that it's warm and summery.

  3. Your place looks lovely! And Pistachio is so cute <3 x x

  4. Tot random but I really like your little bedframe! & those flags of course! Stinking bunny! I've been wondering... what do you do when you have Pistacio out in your room like that to keep from pooping all over? can you train rabbits like other pets? anywho, you must be done now so yaaaaaay!!! fun summer plans or just lots of work? Sorry for my blogger absence too, things have been insane over here.


thanks for the comment! i love hearing what you have to say and try to take time to visit every blog!