Wednesday, May 2, 2012

girl culture

when i wore this outfit, i went to a lecture. i'm not one to go to things, or attend events, or really, to be honest, leave the house much other than for my responsibilities. but going to this event gave me extra credit for two classes. so i decided to. i didn't look into the photographer whose event i was attending, but once i was there i realized i knew exactly who it was. lauren greenfield. i had flipped through her book, entitled, girl culture, so many times. i ways always in awe of her ability to capture both the extreme, and the extremely relatable aspects of what it was like to be a teenage girl. 
there is something very lovely about being able to hear someone speak about their work, about how they balance, or don't balance their personal life with their work. lauren greenfield just won best director at sundance for her film, the queen of versailles .  while i would never expect or maybe even want my photography to take me that far, it's nice to see that it's possible to enjoy the success of both fine art photograph and have commercial success. 

it took me a while to realize i was going to keep this dress. i've got a problem now, where i don't know how to dress my own body? i've lost weight, so i'm not the same size i was. i knew how to dress myself before, now my current clothes don't quite work, and this dress was a purchase to help amend that problem, but i'm still not so sure. my current plan is to spend more time thrifting once school is out, to see what i can do for my wardrobe. 
i just feel like i am in such a rut with my clothes, i haven't been caring, or photographing my outfits beyond instagram, and i just wear shorts with tights every day. 

sweater:  target
dress: target
shoes: forever 21

also, there was a reception after the lecture, and they were going to throw out all the food. 
so i put cheese in my purse.
purse cheese.

also all this fruit.


  1. That's so cool, was she a good speaker? I think the dress is lovely on you. And shorts and tights is a pretty stylish "lazy" outfit!

  2. It's always really nice and encouraging to see people you admire succeeding at what you want to do. It makes the whole endeavor seem a bit more accessible, which is nice, especially when you're in a creative field. Also, I don't know how to dress either. My wardrobe looks like several people clumped their clothes together, and I'm trying to make it work on my body. So I'm right there with you. 'Cause not only did I also lose weight, but I also don't have a specific style, which makes it double hard to figure out what I want to/should wear. Also, that dress looks lovely on you, and those shoes are soooooo great!

  3. Hahaha! Cheese in your purse! :P I'd have totally done the same thing ;).

    And it's so cool to have had the chance to meet someone you look up to and without even expecting it ;). Also, finding that clothes are too big after losing weight rocks! ;P I haven't had that feeling in years now; on the contrary, I feel so sick and disappointed in myself for having put on weight :( ...

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Purse Cheese makes you a total bad ass!

  5. I looove that you took the cheese, that is something we always do too, so silly to waste so much food. I generally loved how my clothes were just a little looser after losing weight but I def know what u mean on other pieces. What'd u do to lose so much weight? I'd say buy for your avg size though, never something u can barely squeeze into at your thinnest, I've made that mistake before. anyway, rambling, that lady sounds cool, i'll have to check her out later & you look so lovely, like the blue w/ purple tights : )


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