Wednesday, May 23, 2012

port of call

hi internet. i realize i've been absent from blogging, and i'm not sorry for it. i finished my first year at sacramento state, which makes me officially a senior. i applied for graduation for next spring and everything. i've moved, which i've talked about. i've changed some other things too, but i'm not going to talk about them on here anymore. keep some personal things, personal. 
i've been working a lot too. i'm currently still enjoying my old schedule, because i didn't want to change it right away so i can go watch my little brother graduate 8th grade next week! i can't believe he's getting so big. i haven't seen him in two months either. one of my sisters will be coming home next week too. so i'm pretty excited to go back. 
but for now, i'm still here. i'm staying the summer. hopefully keeping my job past the next month (when the season starts slowing down). i broke out my sewing machine today. i'm so ready to get into project mode. i've been thrifting a lot, instagramming even more. 

cardigan: target
shirt: dear creatures
shorts: target
shoes: asos


thanks for the comment! i love hearing what you have to say and try to take time to visit every blog!