Friday, April 27, 2012

counting on your fingers

it's been so weird living on my own. i don't see the people i live 'with', technically, behind.  but it's so lovely not having to worry about anyone when i get ready in the day. it's like having my own little studio. i haven't figured out the kitchen situation. honestly i've been so busy that it doesn't even matter to me. all my eating has been about the quick fix. apples and peanut butter have been a staple. fruit of all kinds really. the only bad side to any cooking i do, is i have to do dishes in the bathroom, in the shower, or outside.  

on a fashion-y note, i love these boots. sometimes i think they make my feet look a bit manish, but then i totally love that quality about them too. this blouse is actually from my shop, his & hers vintage, i'm just borrowing it. i haven't been feeling too inspired with my own clothing. i recently even just took a batch to sell. including these pants. it's warming up too much to wear jeans anyway. plus, they got too big on me. which is a post for another day.

cardigan: vintage
jeans: gap
boots: clarks

i miss painting my nails and having them stay, these lasted about two days, then i went into work and they got all messed up. i hate having plain nails now too. so this is a problem. 


  1. Great outfit! Yes, the boots are awesome! I've always wanted a pair like that to wear with a dainty, floral maxi skirt/dress.

  2. I'm adoring those boots right now. they are manly but in the best possible way! also, the shade of your nail polish makes me happyyyy!! i totally get you about the polish getting messed up. mine last only a couple days too. :(

  3. Love the outfit. The boots are great.

  4. So, a few things. That sweater and those boots are two of my favorite items of yours (is that weird of me, to have favorite things from your wardrobe? whoops), so I love this outfit. And you hair looks adorable like that! Also, I just painted my nails pretty much the same color the other day. Sorry you've been feeling a bit lonely, but keeping busy is a good remedy for that sort of thing.

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I have to say that I really love your style! Your dresses are so pretty. I especially love the top in this outfit as I am a huge fan of floral prints


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