Wednesday, February 1, 2012

bitter wind

i'm back on top of the parking structure. it gets pretty windy up here (six stories up), but i'm still too afraid to trek to a hidden part of campus with a tripod and set up everything. i'll try to make a mental note to remember to find somewhere on a non-blog day. 

i love the way some bloggers are capable of expressing their feelings, struggles, and emotions on their blog. i'm currently too anxious to do such a thing, but my brain right now is less than happy. i'm trying to work through it. i've been writing in my new leather book from of machines, and listening to a lot of first aid kid (the new album is oh so lovely). i plan on using this weekend to process everything and catch up on school work. and hopefully to come out on top. 

i had an incredibly awkward experience when i was wearing this particular outfit. i'm not very good with social interactions (awkward, to say the least),  and this guy approached me and kept trying to grab my hand, and touch me, and even after multiple "i'm flattered, but no thank you"s, he still didn't get it. (i even said i had a boyfriend, said no to giving him my number). he must have tried to use every line in the book. he said i had 'anime hair', asked me if i was a 'hipster', called me a dork, and didn't take out his headphones for any of this. i just felt really, really, uncomfortable afterwards. i'm normally never approached by anyone, unless i know them personally. so at first i was being nice, then i wanted to throw up. yay! school! i hope i don't have to see him again on campus.

cardigan: target
dress: vintage/gift 
belt: forever 21
knee socks: target 
shoes:  keds / modcloth

also, i've been getting a few questions lately that could make a good "FAQ" post, so if you have any questions for me, leave them here, or email me. 


  1. awww what a horrible experience! some guys are soooo obnoxious (I myself had to punch some guy right in the face to get him to leave me alone - totally unlady-like but he left me alone finally lol).

    This outfit is ADORABLE thought! I love that skirt!

  2. I always think I am socially awkward, and then someone like the guy who tried to hit on you shows up and I think "wow, ok I guess I'm not that socially awkward after all" lol
    I like the muted shades - the dusty rose shoes are too cute!

  3. It sounds like you got harrassed! That's terrible and can make you (me, whomever) feel so icky for some reason? I hate that idiots have that kind of power! Never let that shit intimidate you, just give him a hella mean look or something.

  4. for future unwanted interactions ..

  5. Umm, what a maniac! Ugh. You do look adorable though, you are rocking the knee socks.

  6. Uggggh. That guy sounds gross. I want to punch him in the balls. (I refrained from using slightly stronger language there). I'm socially awkward, too, but I think a lot of it is that women especially feel this pressure to be polite. I won't rant on your blog but, despite having an awkward experience in the outfit, you look amazing. <3
    -Andi x

  7. Ah that's weird :/
    I'm pretty awkward with social interactions too :P
    Love the grid print on the skirt :)

  8. I adore your outfits, so cute and just what I want to wear at the moment!! I don't know why I hadn't discovered your blog before!! =D
    Definitely following you now =)


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