Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i've been spending a lot of time eyeing the #menswear tag on tumblr, and so now when i think of wearing separates, i think of jeans, sweaters, button ups, and my new boots. i just got these! they're clarks desert mali boots. they were on sale, and i found a coupon code, so after shipping and tax, i got them for less than the sale price. i've only worn them this one day so far. but you'll be seeing them often. i promise. 
i've been accidentally getting dressed. the last time i did it, it was heavily menswear inspired as well. it usually involves what i'm wearing to go to thrift stores, or my monday/wednesday class. i just start throwing on pieces and i get into it! this day, i wore this outfit to find SO MUCH STUFF. at a thrift store oh man. i should do a post highlighting what i got. i was pretty stoked. 

i kind of like my detail shots better than my full outfit shots. i think it's this stupid sweater. so cozy, but does not photograph well. 

sweater:  old navy
gingham shirt: thrifted
jeans: gap 1969
boots: clarks
leather satchel:  bag inc


  1. Great purchase! Those boots look comfy and stylish ;).

  2. dat last picture. :3

  3. That last picture of you is the most beautiful ever. EVER.
    And lolz through this now that you pointed it out-- we should start our own 'look down and away mysteriously instead of looking at the camera' club. LDAWMIOFATCC.

  4. how did you do your hair like that? its way cute.

  5. You are so freaking adorable I could squeeze a puppy! Thanks for the Ramona Flowers reference, I love Scott Pilgrimm and of course Ramona has awesome hair. :-) Those glasses look amazing on you and those little boots <3

  6. i ADORE this look! i must try menswear inspired soon. cuz you rock it and it's worth a shot!
    also, i love your photos. i'm sorry if i've asked you this before, but what kind of camera/lens do you use?

  7. those clarks are perfect! they will last you forever too :) and yes, definitely post what you found at the thrift!! I wanna see :)

  8. yo face be gorgeous! i so want to see all the goodies you got from your thrift adventure. oh PS, the boots are amazing, total perfection. xoxo

  9. Your hair looks so cute like that and also THOSE BOOTS!


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