Monday, January 23, 2012


a photo a day update
january 14th  - january 23rd

jan 14
my sister was going back to montana for school, and i drove home to have dinner with my family, then stayed with d for a day.

jan 15
d and i went to the flea market, and spent some time with his family, and had bean burritos and pizza. 

jan 16
i woke up the next day feeling worse for the wear. i was determined to beat the cold. (which i did! in a week!) i stayed in bed all day.

jan 17
i made vegetarian chicken soup. it is delicious.

jan 18
pistachio and i had lots of bunny time, even though i didn't really leave the house.

jan 19
i blogged, and went to the grocery store. it felt good to get out of the house a bit. i also 'treated myself' to a tea from starbucks. and it wasn't very good. i'll stick with making my own tea.

jan 20
it had been a while since i took a self-portrait. something more than blog photos/photobooth photos of my face. so i practiced with my new camera.

jan 21
my car battery died, so i waited for aaa to get there to replace it. seriously, thank you grandma for the aaa membership.

jan 22
i got my backpack ready for school, anita came over. we ate our weight in pizza and went shopping. we always seem to go shopping when she comes over. 

jan 23
breakfast for today! i eat oatmeal everyday for breakfast. 


  1. love the photo of the starbucks cup. very artsy.

  2. The self portrait is lovely, you look gorgeous. And your bun is the cutest thing ever! His little paw!

  3. Your soup looks good! And yes, don't go to Starbucks, haha! I hate it so much.

    Aaand beautiful self-portrait ;).

    Happy midweek, Bethany!

  4. I love how you take pictures of such a variety of things! it's great to stop and see the beauty in the "ordinary things," which you just made me do. Glad to hear you got over that cold! great idea about putting leftovers in portions, thanks : ) & remember it's not just calories but what the calories are from : )

  5. Aww, you look gorg in the photo of your sassy shoulder.


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