Sunday, January 22, 2012

dead and gone

I'm still trying to wear the sweater over a dress thing. this outfit was super comfy, but did not photograph well. I look like a Lumpy Space Princess. You don't even get to see how cute the collar looked pulled out over the sweater. Oh well. You lose some. 
I went to Crossroads Trading Co to sell some clothes today.  I made $24 bucks selling 5 items! Which isn't bad at all. Considering a handful of those were thrifted. I'm going to take the rest to another buy back place and see how I do there. I decided to spend my earning and go thrifting. I found a couple of things for the shop, a pot for the house, and a slip (because I wear slips under ALL my dresses).  While I was in the thrift store, turns out I left my lights on in my car. Which was NOT good. Not just because I had a dead battery, but because this battery was OLD. Not good. I had to call AAA and I got the entire thing replaced. My wallet is now dead and bleeding. It hurt. So, I'm having a sale over at His & Hers Vintage use code CALIFORNIA and get 20% off your order. It would really help a girl out if you checked it out. Maybe I'd then feel more motivated to put stuff up there. 

 sweater: old navy
dress: vintage/thrifted
tights:  forever 21
shoes: forever 21
bag:  fieldguided


  1. I think the sweater over the dress looks good :)
    -Andi x

  2. Big dress + sweater fan me :)
    Sorry to hear about your car trouble, hope it's plain sailing from now :)

  3. Dead batteries are the worst. :(

  4. you look adorable, gorgeous photos - what camera/lens and software do you use?


  5. ughh i'm so sorry to hear about the car lights. :( i always worry that something like that is going to happen to me!

    i love your shoes, and i think the sweater over the dress looks good!

  6. You don't look like a lumpy space princess, but even if you did it wouldn't be bad because Lumpy Space Princess is lumpin' awesome. I love wearing sweaters over dresses, and you do it wonderfully. So cute!
    Sorry about the dead car battery :( I'm always super paranoid about leaving my lights on (I've been known to forget to shut them).

  7. Lovely outfit, love the dress!

  8. I second everything Nicole said. ^^^^^^ You look great. Sorry about the collar. I bet it looked lovely.

  9. I really like this dark blue and black combo! I'm so sorry about your car, though, uggggh! This reminds me of the time I went to Buffalo Exchange to sell some clothes, sold only a couple of things, then locked my keys in the car and had to pay for service to get back into the car. AND THEN, as if that wasn't enough, I drove over to Crossroads to try to sell more stuff and recoup my losses, and instead of selling anything, I got a ticket for parking my car in a spot where you weren't supposed to be without a permit after 6. It is the worst when you're trying to make some money and then end up getting all your money taken away from you.


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