Tuesday, January 24, 2012

heart of mine

this is my 100th outfit post! that's pretty darn exciting. on a side note, i started school this week. after the world's longest break ever. i'm happy, but not happy to be back. i've got a pretty hardy workload in front of me. i'm going to do my best to stay up to date, and keep up with things, like text book reading. i've just got to figure out the best way for me to do that. any favorites of yours?

apparently one of my things on this blog is, i never look up. i'm going to try to stop staring at my shoes. even though that's how i walk too. i try to look up and smile at people, and i just get crazy looks! oh well. i had class from 10:30 am until 7:30 pm today. long long day. i actually took these photos before i even let for school! i was surprised too. 

i don't wear a lot of separates, but i'm trying to change that. i got this skirt on my thrifting/dead car battery venture. i got it originally for the shop, but i think i'm keeping it now. 

coat: tucker for target
scarf:  urban outfitters
cardigan:  h&m
skirt: thrifted vintage
tights: target
shoes: asos
necklace: estate sale charm

also, i'm obsessed with this cover of bob dylan's heart of mine that blake mills & danielle haim did for chimes of freedom for amnesty international. it's wonderful. 
and oh hey taylor goldsmith playing backup bass. 


  1. Cute skirt! And your hair looks so pretty :)
    My biggest regret about uni was not studying enough. I should have sat down every day, even if it was only for half an hour to study, instead of leaving it all to the end.

  2. Okay, I just LOOOOVE that skirt!! Super cute! Are those prescription glasses? Where did you get 'em? I'm searching for some new ones, but I haven't decided what I want yet.

    xx Adrian

  3. Aww, the skirt worked out so well! You look fantastic, lady girl.

  4. Uh, You're SO cute. Especially that last picture. JEEZE.

  5. I gave you a blog award! http://lazyexplorers.blogspot.com/2012/01/blog-award.html

  6. I love the skirt - very cute! Good luck with the school work. I'm terrible at keeping on top of things so I don't think you want any advice from me on that. Haha.
    -Andi x

  7. beautiful blog you have here! i found you via lazy explorers. you are too cute!
    happy to be your newest follower ;)

  8. Gorgeous skirt, adorable necklace and I love your bag and all the subdued colors in your outfit!

  9. Lu-huv that skirt! And what is that on your necklace? Looks really cute. Way to take pics before school...that takes some serious motivation!

    Superstition Vintage

  10. Awesome shoes! =)


  11. Oh man, perfect winter outfit. PERFECT. That skirt is phenomenal.
    I always look at my shoes when I take my own photos. That last photo of you is sosososo cute!

  12. I wanna see a better photo of your necklace, it looks adorable! I'm going to an estate sale tomorrow morning actually. Hopefully it wont be too competitive :/


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