Monday, December 19, 2011

own side now

so school's out. i've been spending my last few days relaxing. D came to visit. we've been watching movies, freaks and geeks, and having lots of bunny time with pistachio. now i have to get pumped up to pack to go home for a while. it's weird. i'm not that excited to be 'home'. i'm getting used to being here. i am excited to bake cookies with my brother, rub my face in fluffy bunnies, and eat some burritos.
if you noticed, i'm wearing different glasses. my normal glasses broke. luckily i had this spare pair. except they fall off my face when i bend forward. my dad paid for some new bonlook glasses for me, they should be at my grandma's house wednesday, so i'll have them then! yay!

i kind of felt like cotton candy in this outfit. these are the tights i split my soda on in a previous outfit post. i'm still unsure how to wear them. oh well. i hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

cardigan: american eagle
dress: fletcher for lyell for urban outfitters
belt: forever 21
tights: happy socks
boots: forever 21
cowl: handmade by me

i'll leave you with some pistachio.


  1. Bunny is so cute!!
    Yay for new glasses :)

  2. The tights are great w/ the diff colors. Esp love that cowl though, so impressed you made it yourself! Hmm glasses, hope I still don't need them, although you do look adorable in both yours!

  3. Oh god, Pistachio is too cute. Also, this is a lovely outfit! Those tights are fantastic. I think you did a great job styling them :)

  4. Oh the bunny! So much cuteness!


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