Tuesday, December 13, 2011


say his name three times. beetlejuice. beetlejuice. bee, just kidding. black and white stripes always remind me of beetlejuice and tim burton. which is never a bad thing. they're both a couple of my favorites. i've got a soft spot for the dark side.
today i'll be taking my final final exam. it shouldn't be too hard, but i always let myself worry about these things.
on the lighter nonschool side of things, i've been letting my hair do it's own thang. i control my bangs, put a bit of product in it, and let it be. sometimes it works out, sometimes, it looks a little crazy. i've been trying to grow it out for years, and it always seemed that it was never going anywhere. but i finally found a hairstylist that listens to me and cuts off the minimal amount. but it's about 6 months since my last trim, so i expect a bit more off the next time. but hopefully nothing too scary.

cardigan: vintage/thrifted
dress: thrifted
tights: target
shoes: forever 21


  1. Your hair is always gorgeous, miss Bethy. Especially when you leave it loose.
    Also this outfit is my favourite! Probably because I also have a BIG soft spot for the darker side :) Good Thrift find!

  2. Aaah, hope you get an excellent grade in your final! ;D I know you will!

    Love these tights! And I'm glad you liked the dress, haha :P.



  3. Hope the exam went well!
    There's nothing like a horizontal stripe, very cute! Those black and white pants with the vertical stripes I've seen on various blogs remind me of Beetlejuice THE MOST.

  4. You look skinny as heck, little girl!

    I like when you let your hair go cray cray.

  5. I think your hair always looks fantastic. I have pretty major hair envy, really. Also, I love this striped dress! I need to dig up my old stripey dress and wear it now!

  6. ugh it is the worst when you tell a hair stylist to cut off like 1/2 an inch only to have them cut off what looks and feels like 3! Terrible! On a brighter note, the dots and stripes combo is A+ :)

  7. Very cute. My hair is also getting long and I need a major trim, but do I dare? I am scared they will cut off more than what I want!

    Cute blog btw. Xoxo,
    Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥


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