Sunday, December 11, 2011


i told you i'd talk about handborn eventually. handborn is a craft fair that i've done for three years running now. i've done better and better each year, but this year! i did amazing! i made twice as much as i did last year. i honestly think improving my products and display really helped. there is more shop talk below, and i will be doing another post about it soon.
tiara took these photos for me. and she's kind of out of the outfit post game, and we were kind of rushing to get there to set up because we were super excited (me to see how i do, her to be my booth buddy and keep me company/be an extra set of hands) to get going. i love kind of dressing up each year for this. last year, i had bright red hair and it's crazy to think of how far i've come/everything has come since then.

cardigan: h&m
dress: h&m
tights: happy socks
shoes: forever 21

so above is my booth from handborn. and i've been struggling to think of a way to talk about my shop and what i do without seeming like i'm 'selling'. like posting a million product photos and have no one care and lose readers over it. i like you guys, i don't want you to leave. so i wanted to know your thoughts on posting more about the shop. the important thing is, i am trying to make this what i do. i'm so inspired by so many other artists and crafters alike supporting themselves with their hand made goodies. i want to be in those ranks. so i've been updating my shop with NEW ITEMS every week. i practically all but sold out of my tampon pouches i made for handborn (came in with 18, left with 1) within the 4 hours of handborn. so that's the only real big thing missing right now from my shop. what i'm earning from my shop is going to support other bloggers and artists as well. i have a small sponsorship with modest june currently, and i buy materials from etsy sellers whenever possible to support them. 90% of the money i am making from selling on etsy is going right back into buying new materials and making new products. i've got some big dreams for my shop, but i got to start somewhere.
so i started with a name change, from my own name, to beautifully regular. i think it perfectly exemplifies what i do and create. so, i won't be mad if you don't read this, or if you'd prefer i didn't post about this stuff (PLEASE SAY SOMETHING), but please, check out my shop.


  1. I think your blog shop is adorable, and all of the things you make for your shop are fantastic (those OWL PLUSHES), so, I think you should talk about it as much as you want.
    Also, your outfit for handborn is adorable. That dress is beautiful on you!

  2. I like the sign on top of your head in the first one. Really brings out your eyes. Kidding. You really did look super lovely. Proud of you for doing so well at handborn!! and your setup looks amazing.

    p.s. I want a fox brooch for xmas.

    love you.

  3. I've always loved your crafted items. I've always wanted to hear more about the new things you make or about an item you're really excited about. I think that we read enough/know enough about you to know you're not the type of person to just sell something only to make money but because you honestly love it and stand behind what you're doing! It's great to read about it... keep it coming!


thanks for the comment! i love hearing what you have to say and try to take time to visit every blog!