Saturday, December 10, 2011

casual friday

boy am i behind. finals this semester are totally getting to me. i've been working real hard. and they are done, for the most part. i've got one test, and two projects to complete. i'll be done by wednesday! i'm pretty excited to have it all done and over with. and getting to go 'home' for a little bit and visit with my friends who will also be home for the holidays.

but time for some 'real talk', it's a little weird living here. one roommate is moving out, and another is supposed to move in, in a couple weeks. like, immediately after the one is gone. and as you guys know, i have a rabbit. well i guess having this rabbit means i 'broke my lease agreement'. the only thing i can think of this meaning, since i'm not moving out, or being asked to move out, is that i wouldn't get my deposit back. but that's fine with me, since it's barely half of what i pay for rent, and when the time comes, it will be irrelevant to me. but it is kind of bummertown. and i don't know. there is already two 15lb cats, and a black lab living here. and my old roommate had a a small dog that was inside/outside. and it's a rabbit. in a cage. and my roommates are so ignorant on the matter that they asked me, "will it mess up my carpets?" oh yeah. my little 2.5lb rabbit is going to dig right through the floor. and then he said, "oh it's not a rabbit then it's a gerbil with long ears." let's pretend you can sense my severe lack of amusement through the text. blerg.

if you're here for the clothes, i stole this shirt from my sister. she left it behind, and i decided to wear it, and she's allowing me to keep it. thanks sam. it's nice, it's totally different from what i normally wear but i kind of love it. nice for a cute casual day.

speaking of bunnies, this one belongs to my little brother. it's like a fuzzy rug with legs.

cardigan: target
shirt: 'stolen' from my sister
shorts: gap
tights: target
shoes: forever 21


  1. Ugh, sorry your roommates are being lame/bunny-ignorant. This is a super cute outfit. I love the heart tights!

  2. That is a bummer about the lease agreement :( But, on the plus side, your outfit is totally cute.
    -Andi x

  3. I'm sorry you're getting hassled about your rabbit =( How could anyone think a rabbit would be destructive like that? Ridiculous! Well, this outfit is really cute...I love working clothes from my sister into my wardrobe for a change. The print on your top is so pretty, the tights are adorable, and I love those quilted shoes! I like how they're just simple and have a strap.

  4. yes. you are welcome for the shirt. ahaha. got it in the f21 in az :)

    ROOMMATES SUCKS. point blank period.

  5. I was seriously going to say that looks like a sam shirt. very cute. I love those damn tights.

    roommates are stupid.


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