Friday, December 30, 2011

box of rain

i cannot actually comprehend the fact that it's almost the end of the year! so strange. i have kind of stopped making resolutions, but i think i might this year. at least make a written list of things i'm continuing from this year. silly things like, do well in school, continue to work towards my weight loss goal, stay organized, and work on my etsy. do you all make resolutions? do you ever keep them?

this outfit is just a simple one from shopping with my friend justine. we did these when it was almost dark outside of a joann craft store. i'm going to crochet a cowl for her!

cardigan: american eagle
dress: vintage/from my texas trip!
tights: happy socks
shoes: forever 21
cowl: handmade by me
belt: thrifted
bag: vintage coach/thrifted


  1. I was just thinking 'ooh I wonder where she got that gorgeous snood' when I scrolled down and read that it's handmade by you?! Wow, it's gorgeous and what a perfect colour!

    Cat xxx

  2. Last minute sometimes are totally better than planned outfit shoots. Cute outfit mama. Love the cowl. And weenie did a nice job with the photos :)

  3. What a pretty dress! I love it! The colors are just beautiful. <3


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