Thursday, December 29, 2011

berry much

now i will rarely admit to watching glee regularly. but i do. and have. since it first came out. i don't really know what it is about it. i often describe myself as an old gay man. i like 'old people candy' and musicals. i hope thats not offensive to anyone.
i didn't really think about glee when getting dressed, but then my sister said i look like rachel berry, and i have to agree. the knee socks and sweaters pretty much give a miss berry feel to the outfit. i just wanted to be super cool like everyone else and try a sweater over a dress.

sweater: paul and joe for target
dress: h&m
socks: target (these are terrible and don't stay up)
shoes: forever 21


  1. love it
    love glee
    love you

    and I have those socks they seriously do suck!

  2. I think Rachel Berry has great style!

  3. That sweater is super cute!! I love how you styled it. The high socks are perfect with it. I have some thigh-high Target socks, too, that don't stay up...grrr.

  4. I'm definitely and old gay man with you, Werther's Originals and all ;) I think you look so lovely in this outfit, the sweater is too great.

    Have a Happy New Year!! :)

  5. LOVE this outfit! I don't watch Glee so I don't know how Rachel Berry is, but whoever she is she must have good style too!


  6. I workeeeedd. You look sup a dup cute. Also, if you're an old gay man, then I must be too. Also, part 12 year old boy.

  7. OMG I love this outfit. So much. I don't even know why but I really, really do. Especially that sweater. So cute.
    -Andi x


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