Monday, September 19, 2011

the valley

i went home this last weekend. back to the valley. (the real central valley of california. literally. dead center.) it was d's birthday, and i had the 4x5 (large format) camera checked out for the weekend, and i had it planned to skip my class on monday. friday, i took d out to the earliest dinner in the world. and we had thai food. yumm. we did mild thrifting, then went back to his house and watched a terrible movie that has someone we know in it, and drank delicious beer. it was a great day. saturday i decided i needed to go practice with the camera. it was fun exploring familiar territory, reshooting some areas where i've been, and going a little further in. the camera itself is such a beast! i had to do the whole, taking the dark cloth on and off my head, loading the film, metering, focusing etc. it was a lot! i wish i had an assistant, but i didn't. sunday i didn't do anything, but then decided to go home at the last minute that night. i was worried about getting my homework in.

on the outfit, i'm obsessed with this shirt. i feel it's slightly dressier than my band shirts, and the colors are so vibrant. and this skirt, is the the dress i wore on my birthday . i'm still totally obsessed with turning every dress i own into a skirt. now to start actually wearing skirts as skirts...

shirt: out of print clothing
skirt: vintage dress
belt: my mothers (mine now!)
shoes: walmart
sunglasses: rayban wayfarers


  1. how is your ponytail so perfect? I always look like such a raggamuffin in a ponytail.

  2. Very sweet! A great book cover makes a great t shirt!

  3. Lovely landscape and you've mastered the art of turning dresses into skirts ;).

    Mmm, I'm totally craving beer now ... and thrifting, hehe.

    Hope you're having a nice day! ;D


  4. I love that dress/skirt! And I really love your hair in a ponytail.
    -Andi x

  5. Man, I LOVE that shirt. I need more literature themed clothing in my life, stat. Also, you look absolutely adorable! Glad to hear you had a fun weekend home :)

  6. Wow, the valley looks beautiful and so you do :) I love the contrast between the t-shirt and the skirt, and those sunglasses look amazing on you!

  7. Love the 50's vibe, the skirt with the t-shirt and sunnies are very retro and lovely. x

  8. Woahwee that tee is gorg!
    Followed xx - Please take a glance!

  9. i've always loved the look of a t shirt tucked into a cute skirt. you wear it so well :)

  10. great shirt. salinger is greatness! check out my blog i have an alexa chung giveaway :)

  11. i LOVE your style! i like the t-shirt with the skirt idea... so casual and cute :)

  12. you are gorgeous girl! love this combo with the relaxed shirt and the floral shirt! i'm crazy about those sunglasses and shirt too!
    xo TJ


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