Saturday, September 10, 2011

fair weathered

the weather has not been anything like i would want it to be in september. it's been in the mid to high 90s all week but the coming week is going to be a bit cooler. more on the mid to high 80s.
it's been hard to know what to wear because of this. i don't want to wear my short sundresses and cut offs to school. i want to wear cardigans and tights and boots. oh the woes of living in california.

i've still been trying to make the most out of my wardrobe. dresses as skirts, trying to make use of summer tops when it's september and i'm not into them anymore. keeping layers light. you've all seen this dress before, and this top before. here & here.

shirt: h&m
skirt: dress from charlotte russe
shoes: walmart
bag: forever 21

i decided to try the make the most of my boring weekends here, and today i tried thrifting. i know it's usually weak and picked over on saturdays, but it was a good chance to explore.

here i found an exact replica of the shoes i'm wearing, in my size, and two things for the shop.

here i found a knockoff coach leather small leather purse for the shop, and a phone for a photo prop.

i saw this place at the last second and pulled into the parking lot, went through the entire store twice, and didn't find anything.

then i went to this town called fair oaks. it had a cute little downtown. i went into a candy shop and got some candy. and apparently seeing these guys walking around is a normal thing.

the best kind of cokes.
oh! and my nails. i'm changing them tonight.


  1. The random chicken is amazing! It looks like you had a good thrift day!!

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  3. The random chicken made me smile! Love the outfit, particularly the shoes!

  4. Ooooh, I like how you turned the tying strappy part on the dress into a belt! The weather is all over the place here, too. One day 60 and raining, the next 95 and balls hot. Hope it cools down a bit for ya.

  5. Ugh, I know, it's been so hot here too! It seems like August and September are usually the hottest months in California. I did a little thrifting today as well and found a couple blouses for my shop.

    I like this light, classic outfit you've put together. It's cool how you tied the sash in front...I want to try this with a railroad-striped dress that I have now!

    Also, now I want a Mexican Coke.

  6. cute pics, love the skirt and nails!

  7. Cute outfit! And I can't believe how many thrift stores you live close to!

  8. Adorable outfit! I loveee the dress as a skirt trick! I'm jealous of all your nearby thrift shops, and cute nails!

  9. You look lovely. I hear you with the weather. I want to wear tights and boots and cardigans too, but with it being 90 degrees outside, that's not too feasible.

  10. It's been sweltering where I'm from too -- the hottest days of the entire summer have been in the last two weeks.

    Your outfit looks lovely, by the way!


    Really though, you are such a classic beauty! If only we could go thrifting together. I don't drink soda, but I'd drink a cold pop in a glass bottle with you.

  12. I never know what to wear here, haha! The weather is SO different from Buenos Aires, where it's super hot and wet in summer. I always get cold at night, it's something I can barely believe, hehe.

    Oh, and I totally want to keep that water roller coaster Polly Pocket :/ ...

    Hope you're having a fun week! ;D


  13. That skirt looks like the perfect class skirt- not too short but not too awkwardly long and most importantly, it looks COMFORTABLE! I've had such a hard time finding good skirts for school lately! I also love that top!

  14. not finding anything at the thrift store is always such a bummer but then i always think to myself that since i didnt find anything this time ill HAVE to find something next!

  15. I love your nails!!

    I am SO EXCITED for fall fashion. I need to go buy a million pairs of tights. I was going through mine and they are all so torn :(

  16. I never know how to dress for that in between weather or at the end of a season when you're just fed up with dressing for winter/summer/etc.
    And your thrift stores look a lot fancier than most of ours...or it could just be your great photos.
    -Andi x

  17. I've been feeling the same way. I just can't dress for warm weather anymore. Luckily, fall's just beginning to arrive here now! I really love this outfit. The blouse is adorable and looks lovely with the chambray.
    Also, you can send me a tmi email whenever you need to. I'm always there if you need me :)

  18. Cute dress! I love thrifting but I've not had the pleasure of discovering random roosters while on such adventures. Haha. Your blog is so cool!


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