Thursday, September 1, 2011

like or like like

my first week of school is officially over! i made it! i only really had trouble today when trying to park and i parked .8 miles away from my class room (yes, i tracked it). and gosh, today was hot. but my classes are mostly in the morning so it's sweater weather to me. plus, it is september already.

i'm not sure how i feel about the pairing of this sweater with this dress. they're like colors, but i just really liked the idea of the shoes and the cardigan together. plus, trying to mix it up a bit.

cardigan: target
dress: fletcher by lyell
belt: forever 21
shoes: asos
brooch: handmade

i'm going to a show tonight by myself. i'm kind of nervous about doing this. i've been to shows by myself before, but never to this venue or in this town at all. so, i'm nervous. but i'm sure it'll go fine. i'll just be that girl awkwardly standing in the corner nursing her drink.


  1. wow! i love this outfit! it's so neat and professional but so cute. :) and i hope the show was great! maybe you'll meet someone new?

  2. Going to a show alone in a new city is the best! You feel less inhibited because you know you won't see anybody you know!
    I like the monochrome same-colour-family look you have here, very cute!

  3. I love the fox! And, are you kidding me? Have you really parked 8 miles away from your classroom?? :O I walked less than 4 miles in the sun the other day and almost passed out, haha.

    Have a fun long weekend! :D


  4. I loooooooove! I think tonal dressing is totally awesome. It's like grandma all-one-colour, but a little cooler.
    Everything looks good. The shoes, the badge, the belt. Love!
    I just got through my first week of clinical. I loooove it there though.

  5. this outfit is ADORABLE and solidifies in my mind that I need more solids in my closet. Also, I need floral oxfords. Oh my gosh. And I've always thought going to a show/movie/dinner alone would be kind of fun.

  6. Love this outfit! I think the cardigan looks great with the dress and those shoes are adorable! The fox is definitely a cute little touch. =] Congrats on surviving your first week!! <3

  7. This is one of my favorite outfits EVER. I love how the cardigan and dress almost match, and those SHOES, and the FOX PIN. Just forget it. Too cute. So cute I'm using capital letters everywhere.
    Also, my school makes sure that students park their cars in the lot farthest away from main campus, so I feel your pain.

  8. Your dress is beautiful <3 I love the darling brooch too - foxes are my absolute favourite! I can't believe you made it yourself! It sure is a beauty!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. I actually like how the colors are very close. It's super cute.
    I've only been to one show by myself and it was fun, but weird. Some guy tried to give me a beer and I politely declined.

  10. I've never been brave enough to go a show by myself - let us know how it goes!!

    Love the outfit, the shoes and brooch especially. They add such gorgeous detail.

  11. I love going to shows by myself.
    You don't have to worry about dancing like an idiot or people looking at you, because you'll never see them again.

    And almost inevitably someone else is these by yourself and you have this awesome unspoken connection because you're both at the same event.

    And even if it doesn't happen like that you've still had a fantastic night, somewhere that you want to be, without having to worry about any body else.
    Enjoy it.

  12. I always get a bit nervous going places by myself, though I'm usually fine once I get there!

    Anyhow, parking has been ridiculous for me as well. Seems like schools only account for 1/3 of their students having cars.

    You look really beautiful in this outfit (and your hair in the post previous to this one--- wow!). Sorry it's been so long since I've commented.


  13. Such a lovely classic outfit. You look wonderful! :)

  14. What an adorable outfit! I loveee your glasses. And it's totally cool to go to a gig alone!

  15. You look fantastic! LOVE the shoes

  16. The blue on blue is actually really pretty. & those shoes are perfect :)

  17. this is such a cute outfit! do they sell this dress anymore!? i love it!


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