Monday, August 29, 2011

oh, i think i found it

i find myself easily being able to get into the grooves of routine. i'm a creature of habit. i like doing things when i think of doing them, and having a schedule to follow. it helps me be my most productive self, especially when it comes to school. i've been making meals ahead of time, going to sleep at a reasonable hour, waking up and getting to school early. today was my first day and this is what i wore. i'm kind of addicted to the 'dress as a skirt' thing i posted the other day. my shoes ended up cutting into the back of my ankles and they hurt to keep wearing them any longer than i had to. so barefoot photos it is.

top: gap
skirt: target (dress)
cardigan: target
belt: thrifted
shoes: walmart


  1. Happy return to school! ;) The back of my feet are sore right now due to the same problem, hehe.

    Have a fun week!


  2. You look beautiful, happy first day of school!

  3. I really like that belt! It's so... 90s? I don't know. But I like it.
    Hope you're enjoying photography - I'm quite envious.
    And your cat roomies look cool btw! :)
    I'm pretty sure that there are more than a few dresses/rompers in my closet that will be attacked with my scissors when I get the time...

  4. I love this whole outfit! I have been feeling fashionably stuck lately, and this is definitely a look that I am gravitating towards for the Fall. Beautiful! xx

  5. i love this outfit!!!! thank you so much for showing me that dress into skirt trick. its my new favorite.

  6. Nice look!


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