Monday, August 8, 2011

girls on the beach

i've been a real sucky blogger lady lately. but soon you'll see the posts and understand!

another day of vacation. this is a pretty laid back lazy style i repeat a lot when i'm at home and not doing anything. favorite sweater, favorite musician, cut off shorts and sandals for the sand. this day i finished reading youth in revolt, worked on a friendship bracelet ( i love how these are making a comeback. i've been making them a comeback for the last few years, my friends and i got really intense with them for a while ) and started a farewell to arms. i watched my sisters boogie board and skim board, and i was too chicken to do anything but stand in the water up to my thighs and get splashed on.

sweater: rue 21
shirt: bon iver
shorts: gap (clearance!)
sandals: target

my brother found a caterpillar in his backpack from boyscout camp. and it was alive.


  1. I really like this laid back vacation look. I have so many band tees, I really should wear more of them! I started reading a Hemingway book recently (The Sun Also Rises) but never finished it. Are you enjoying A Farewell To Arms? I'd like to read it.

  2. Love your cardigan! Band tee's are awesome!


  3. Your cardigan is so cute!!! I love it. You look casual but perfectly well put together and still "stylish" at the same time! I read A Farewell To Arms in 10th grade. I liked it...but I also hated it. ;)

    P.S. I added your blog button to my page! yay!

  4. Awesome cardigan! This is a perfect beach look. I'm going to the beach on Wednesday, and I can't's always so relaxing and beautiful, even if the weather is kind of gray.


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