Thursday, August 11, 2011

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well, besides my phone post i might do at a later date, i'm out of beach photos. this was an outfit from my first day back. it was 90 degrees, but i head heading back out towards the ocean (santa cruz to be specific) to go to a show at the crepe place (best crepes/food and cute venue to see a band) to watch the band, the fling i've seen them once before, and they're really good. i was surprised that not a lot of people were at the show.

my friend anita treated me for an early birthday present (it was the 5th) and i got a vinyl out of it too! i haven't gotten to listen to it yet because my record player is already at my new room, and i'm still in my old one. i didn't know quite what to wear with this dress. all my tights have holes except for the ones with holes built into the design. i started out with knee socks and oxfords and switched to patterned tights and flats. this is also my favorite cardigan right now.

cardigan: h&m
dress: h&m
tights: target
shoes: forever 21

here is a music video of the band, in case you're interested.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous. I visited Santa Cruz twice when in California, and I miss it so much!
    I absolutely love the combination of the lace on your tights and polka dots on your dress. Such a great look :)

  2. Aww I love this outfit!
    So sweet!

  3. Love those tights!
    There a band in brisbane that I want to see next week but I think I should study instead :(

  4. Brilliant tights :) You look lovely!

  5. Happy belated Birthday!
    I love how you've teamed the floral tights with the sweet simple polkadots, they look so pretty together :)

  6. Damn. Whenever I scroll down to see where someone's dress is from, the ones I love the most are ALWAYS from h&m. I live 700 miles from an h&m soo...I go once a year...or less. haha! I love it, though. It goes perfectly with your tights!


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