Sunday, July 3, 2011

summerless summer

i haven't been getting dressed, i haven't been doing much of anything but working. the longest i've worked so far has been 9.5 hours. this week it's supposed to reach over 100 degrees on most days, so hopefully we'll end earlier (like 12 instead of 2:30). this half of an outfit is to show the one day i did get kind of dressed. and what i wore.

before i started work, i started making new things. these are little moleskine/notebook holders. it easily fits my moleskine planner, moleskine cahier notebooks that i made, and a writing utensil! hopefully i'll be able to make some more on a day off so i can put them in the shop!

i've been loving the little details on my succulent garden. the first of these plants started growing weird, so i cut it, and now two new little florets are growing on the stem. and i've been growing little propagations. they look so cute with their new little plants coming out of the leaves.

i'm going to try to keep up blogging. i need to make a new schedule. week 1 of work down. starting week 2 tomorrow.


  1. Those little moleskine holders are cute!
    -Andi x

  2. Oh, hope you can get some rest today!

    Succulents look great and are so easy to keep! Love them.

    Have a nice week!


  3. I love the hedgehog pattern and the lovely yelloe colour. I can't wait until I have the time to sew again!
    I like looking at the intricacies of my terrarium... plants are so amazing and perfect.

  4. Such a lovely project!
    I've been crazy inspired to make things. Would you consider a DIY post? xo

  5. Hi Bethany! lovely plant pictures! We looked through the other posts and have a question: Where are you from?


  6. I adore your little notebook holder, such a darling little thing ^_^

  7. Love the notebook holder! Very cute. And I love your glasses!

  8. Succulents are so beautiful; I love all of the closeup shots you took. And the little hedgehog-printed moleskine holder is adorable! Cute school supplies are one of my weaknesses. (They take me back to my Lisa Frank pocket folder days! ;)

  9. MOLESKIN HOLDERS!??! That's utterly genius! Oh my gosh! I always feel awkward walking around with mine- like poeple just KNOW I'm going to sit down and write about them staring at me and giving me weird looks ;) Hehe! So cute!

  10. Make one of those moleskine holders in a vintage floral fabric and I WILL TOTALLY BUY ONE! Adorable.


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