Saturday, July 23, 2011

misikko product review - HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

a few weeks ago, i was contacted by misikko and hana salons to do a product review on their hana blowdryer. i'm no professional stylist by any means. sometimes i feel like i'm even incapable of doing my own hair. but i have been considering upgrading and trying out new hairdryers but it was all too complicated for me to understand. so this was kind of a godsend.

the cute packaging they put together to send the hairdryer in.

let me begin: my hair is thin, used to be straight, now has a weird poofy wave to it. it's kind of frizzy and well, complicated. i've managed to 'manage' thus far.

immediately when trying out what they say is their best hairdryer, i was surprised by the amount of power it had. it felt like a massage on my scalp. my hair was dry relatively quickly, and (i also used the hana shine shield thermal protectant) was soft and frizz free. yes. frizz free after blowdrying it all willy nilly and not actually trying to give myself a blowout.

yes, this is me, makeup free, fresh after blowdrying my hair.

anything that might look like frizz, is just my weird hair. it was super soft and there were no fly-aways. seriously.

normally when i'd try to style my hair after blowdrying, i'd still get little frizzies peeking out of my head. (here) but now (as seen in my last few outfit posts and here) i don't get those at all. my hair is soft and frizz free.
my only discrepancy is that this model doesn't come with a diffuser.

click the photo to take you to the product page, it is currently on sale from $314.99 to 194.99

in conclusion:
-this is the best blowdryer i've ever used by far
-it is expensive, but good hair starts with what you use
-the shine shield is amazzzzing, favorite product.

readers: i'd love to hear your input on product reviews, and this review in particular. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and i'll do a follow up post. thank you!

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  1. Oh, cool! I never use a hair blower because it leaves my hair all frizzy.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend! ;)


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