Sunday, July 24, 2011

right in the corner of the room

i've been trying to pull things out of the depths of my closet and drawers to trick you all into thinking i have more clothes than i actually do. this top i've had for a couple years, worn maybe twice, and now it's too big. i haven't the heart (or the courage) to take it in yet, but it's comfortable as is.
these shorts are so comfy. they feel like they're almost suede, but they're thin and make me feel kind of sassy.

i wore this outfit to go exploring in another town, thrifted my mom season 9 of friends for $3 (brand new! never even opened!) for her birthday, and a couple of dresses for the shop (flowy and floral).

blouse: anthropologie, shorts: gap (clearanced for $6!), shoes: forever 21


  1. I love the shoes!
    Xo Chloe.

  2. Love your shoes! ;) And can't wait to see the dresses you've bought!

    Have a colorful week! :p


  3. You look so lovely and remind me of Summer from (500) days in this.

    Your hair is a dream.

  4. This is a lovely outfit! Those shoes are too cute. I can't wait to see the new dresses you bought for your shop :)


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