Tuesday, June 14, 2011

nothing is wrong

most of you won't get the reference, but i've been listening to the new dawes album nonstop lately. it's just so good! i've talked about them before, i've seen them plenty of times, but gosh. this new album. it's different, but it feels so familiar.
today i started out the day deciding i wanted to wear this striped boater shirt i got for .99 cents at the thrift store. then i decided i wanted to wear a skirt. but i only have three skirts. so i did my best. this one doesn't fit me the way it used to, but i made do. then i couldn't decide if it looked better tucked in, or untucked. gosh, what a fickle mind i have.
i also got free yogurt today (strawberry lemonade with kiwis on top), and went on a run! the run is my second of this summer, and it won't be my last! it felt so good. i also practiced my ukulele. i'm not very good. i've been practicing chords, and today i tried to do a theme song to a certain cartoon show. when i learn it, i'll do a video. i promise. i wish i had someone to help me along better! strummin' ain't easy.

details: shirt: thrifted, skirt: anthropologie, shoes: thrifted vintage keds/altered by me
necklace, etsy


  1. Awe, I love your skirt! And I heard that the ukelele is not easy to play. Would love to see you play it in a video.

    Have a fun day! Hope you got my little package. It should've arrived there a while ago.


  2. These navy and white pieces are so cool together -- I love the stripes with scallops. Your hair is also really cute!

  3. I'm always so fickle with my outfits as well. I can adjust the same outfit so many times that by the time I leave the house I'll be wearing completely different pieces than what I started with!
    Anyway, I really love this look. Stripes and scallops are two of my favorite things to wear, and I love how you modified your keds to look like saddle shoes :)

  4. I can't believe you got that skirt for 99 cents! Incredible and so very jealous. I love the braid in your hair btw.

  5. Wow, only 99 cents! That's a steal! I love how you paired the outfit with those shoes, a perfect match! :)


  6. Oh my how did I not find you until today!! I love this outfit and the ukulele! Have you ever seen the you tube videos of the japanese crocheted animal band U900? You'll love it!

    I want that skirt!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  7. You are an absolute vision! (Red lipstick, dark hair, my kind of gal!)

    Anywho, that's so fun that you play the ukelele. A friend of mine is very, very good at it; I do hope you decide to make a video.

    Hope you're well, xo.

  8. These pictures are awesome!!!! I love the prop you used- it's genius! And that skirt is ADORABLE. Of course, it's Anthropologie and therefore, amazing. I love your braids, too. And shoes. Oh boy, I sense an obsession with this post on my end.

  9. This is such a cute outfit :D Love the stripes and the scalloped hem and the simplicity and your glasses. And your hair. Wow. I sound like a lunatic.

    But yeah, hi :)

  10. These are so cute! I love your skirt and how everything matches so well!

  11. I am completely in love with this outfit of yours, it is fantastic!


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