Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i kind of felt like a mix between a french boy, and a camp counselor in this outfit. but i like it anyway. this is one of my favorite shirts. even though it's kind of too big. and i keep finding myself going for shorts that are kind of muted and green in color. i've got two pairs now. and i almost thrifted another pair. gosh.

i wore this outfit to hang out with my bestie on memorial day. we went to thrift stores, and went on a walk, and probably going to get eat some bbq'd food.
i need to remember to take more time for my photos. i had my sister rush these for me and i forgot to check all the settings on the camera. so i edited these a bit more than i usually do. oh well.

details: top: rodarte for target, shorts: thrifted, shoes: walmart


  1. Ohh I actually have an almost identical top! I love that you've styled it with shorts, I wasn't sure to wear a top like that with a skirt or shorts but I think I might wear it with shorts now...I really want to give wearing shorts more often a go :)

  2. I love your loafers :) There is definitely a weak spot in my heart for loafers. And stripes. Love this simple outfit :D

  3. I like this top - it's cute!
    When I was hanging my washin out I realised there was more than a few striped tops there haha.
    I used to think I couldn't wear stripes thanks to my chesty-ness, but if they are loose-ish, it's all good!

  4. You looks great in that shirt. Stripes don't seem to work for me but I love them so much!


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