Wednesday, May 4, 2011

four strong winds

the last two weeks, in random snapshots.

i honestly haven't meant to not be blogging this last week. but! i passed math, i got a b. i did my intent to enroll at sacramento state. so that's where i'll be attending in the fall. this makes it seem like i'm really young, but i'm going to be 24 this year. this way i can afford college/a state school. so we'll see how the financial part of this goes! i've been all over the place lately. i haven't had a day to just sit.
today i've been sorting through literally hundreds of records i got from my uncle. more on that later.


  1. sounds like you have a bit to look forward to though! Loving the photos, the coloured eggs look so good x

  2. Haha I wondered how old you were - I didn't think you were 18/ish!
    I like the eggs, pretty!
    I can't wait until next week, I'll finally have a few days free in a row, omg!

  3. Congrats! I was a few years older than the majority of my class when I started college too. A couple of years extra life experience turned out to be quite an advantage :)

  4. That owl brooch is just the sweetest (And I am particularly in love because owls are some of my favorites, next to rabbits). And congratulations on the math test. Math is probably my least favorite subject in school :-)

  5. That owl brooch is just too cute. and it looks like you've been having a fun week (especially because you went bowling, and bowling is awesome).
    Congrats on going to Sacramento State!

  6. Love your photos, that owl brooch is so cute. Many congrats on passing your test & for enrolling at college...lots to look forward to! :)


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