Tuesday, May 10, 2011

tangled up in blue

sometimes i really want to blog but can't be bothered to put together an outfit and get all dressed when i have absolutely nothing i have to do. like today. today i tanned outside with my sister. i've never been one into 'tanning' or anything, but it's already warm out, and i'm trying to get a little bit of color so i'm not glowing in the dark when i have to be outside in sundresses. and the back of me got burned a bit. not too excited about that. but what can you do (wear sunscreen, duh). anyway, so i threw on an easy dress, i've almost gotten rid of plenty of times, didn't iron it, and threw on a cardigan since i got a little crispy from the sun. i didn't brush my hair, just did my bangs, and ate a burrito.
i leave for texas thursday morning. i haven't packed at all. tomorrow will be spent cleaning, doing laundry and packing and making lists for the coming week. (for those who don't know, i'll be flying out to texas, and driving back to california with my sister.) (also! if you have any recs, please do share them)

details: cardigan: anthropologie, dress: target, shoes: minnetonka moccasins

sometimes i get stuck in bushes.


  1. We wouldn't have noticed you just threw the dress on you, haha. You look awesome! Love the dress!

    Have fun packing and planning your trip! :D


  2. Gorgeous! Everything in these photos is perfect, the light is lovely and the navy dress looks wonderful on you :)

  3. The detailing on your cardigan is so sweet and subtle :) And I love the detailing on the top part of the dress to :)

  4. I am usually stoked for outfit photos but then I find I have nothing to say in my posts. :S

    Such a cute cardi - you look lovely and btw I only iron once in a blue moon :D

    Enjoy Texas!

  5. I love navy & white together. Even though navy is dark, that colour combo just is so perfect for summer!

  6. Ugh, I'm so behind on my blog reading! I'm pretty sure I've recently seen some Texas trip updates from you on twitter, so I hope that's going well!
    Also, that cardigan is adorable. I love the mix of patterns on it.

  7. I hardly ever iron anything anyway, so you're not alone! I feel the same about not dressing up when I'm lazing around, hence the slow down in outfit posts on my blog haha!
    I can see you've already posted lots about your trip but I'm starting here & working through in order...I'm so behind with blog reading at the mo! :)


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