Sunday, May 22, 2011

a cajun festival

day 3: the day before when we were in downtown wichita falls, we learned there would be a cajun festival the next day! so we attended. i tried texas beer (shriner, mmm) and some potatoes and corn (since i wouldn't eat the crawdads because i'm a vegetarian) and hung out in the wind. it was very small. and we had frozen yogurt afterwards.

the guys hair behind me. epic.

my sister kaelee's boyfriend and his daughter. kaelee and her boyfriend's daughter.

details: cardigan: my sister's, dress: h&m, shoes: kmart, tote: monsters of folk concert

she was not happy.


  1. Looks like fun, I love the polka dots :)

  2. hahaha that last picture is priceless!

  3. oooh she'll be real happy sitting on an awesome bike by the time she gets to her teens ;D
    Looks like such a fun day :)

  4. I reaaaly like your outfit and I love your dog necklace!

    I'm glad I can comment here now! :D

  5. Looove your dress, gotta love polka dots & your hair looks so pretty straightened. Yay you're vegetarian, so am I...always nice to find fellow veggies :) Haha, love that last pic.


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