Wednesday, May 25, 2011

road wanderer

first day on the road: texas to new mexico

we stopped at this crazy crazy antique store that was on the way out of texas. the guy barely spoke to us. he mostly spent the time we were there moving stuff around. i have some film photos but really words cannot explain this place. it was crazy. it was about 3 or 4 building, and an outside just cramped floor to ceiling (and stuff on the floor and on the ceiling) full of vintage and antiques and even some oddities. i bought $4 worth of marbles. and they look perfectly lovely sitting above my computer in a jar.

cadillac ranch!

details: top: forever 21, jeans: forever 21, shoes: minnetonka moccasins,
sunglasses: ray ban wayfarers, cardigan: h&m, tote: monsters of folk concert

of course we brought neon orange spray paint!

i drew this bunny on every single cadillac in the ranch.
i also wrote bunny picnic down the side of one, and some lady with a real thick accent read it out loud as i was leaving.
"buh nay peek neek?"

everything looks better through my glasses

then before i knew it, we were in new mexico.

we ate a lot of pb&j on this trip

the best place we ate alllll trip. hands down. i had a stuff poblano pepper and kaelee had a turkey wrap of some sort. and there was chips and delicious salsa and guac. and margaritas. oh my god. so smooth and amazing. and they brought you the shaker!

oh gosh. i have so much more to post. i hope everyone has amazing plans for this weekend! my bestie, caitlin, is coming down from connecticut!


  1. That antique place looks amazing!! and the cadillac thingy..


  2. I really cannot tell you enough how much I am loving these posts that detail your adventures on the road!
    Thank you for giving boring people like me who aren't going on adventures any time soon something exciting to read and experience with you :)

  3. What an amazing trip! I love all these posts. The "Cadillac Ranch" or whatever is unreal! And that stuffed pepper is making me drool and it's still like 7:30 in the morning!

  4. Cadillac ranch looks amazing and hehe blogified!

    My favourite pair of sunnies have a similar tint and I love my colour filtered world too :)

    Awesome photos!

  5. The rusty-colored picture is absolutely amazing. It makes me miss my home--it's almost similar to the desert. Very arid and little rain. Blame it on Seattle for getting all the rain.

  6. ~ welcome ~ officially to the 505 from Santa Fe! Found you from Andi B. Goode!
    * = )
    If you are staying downtown SF you will have a blast!! Watch for me on my white scooter the "Artful Dodger" *heehee...House DJ tonight @ Corazon (small club) - be sure to hit up ten thousand waves - !!
    Great shopping! Good Mex food! H*O*P*E you enjoy your visit!
    ~ H5 aka 'catnip'

  7. Awe, I want to go on a roadtrip! You girls seemed to have had lots of fun.

    And how crazy are those cars sitting there!? Cool! I love your bunny.



  8. Loving all your photos from the trip so far :) Your lacy top is gorgeous & appreciating all the food photos! Great bunny picnic tag too..those cars are amazing :)


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