Thursday, April 7, 2011

spring fever

the weather had been perfectperfectperfect until today. the clouds are dark and ominous and the wind is blowing all the trees sideways. i'm slightly worried because one of the roads i can take out of town is nearly flooded. (it's about 2 feet from the road on each side) but anyway! i wore this outfit to go see middle brother! (a supergroup of sorts formed from the matt vasquez of delta spirit, taylor goldsmith of dawes and john mccauley of deer tick). they played in santa cruz, at this little place called moe's alley. now while taylor wasn't there (dawes was backing up robbie robertson of THE BAND), it was an awesome show! so many silly times and cover songs. i had a lot of fun.

photos by: daniel
outfit details
cardigan: thrifted
dress: target (thanks mom!)
tights: hue/anthropologie
shoes: asos


  1. Awe, I really like your hair this way! :) And I hope the roads do not flood :/!



  2. you dress is so sweet, love the outfit dear x

  3. That first picture is my favourite picture of you ever!!! Usually people look bad in direct sunlight but you look amaaaazing! I love your hair and your dress :)

  4. No joke, I've been looking high and low for mustard tights like the one you've got on! I love how it pairs with the blue in your dress :)

  5. Looking great. I love those delicate little pink flowers on the blue background :)


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