Friday, April 8, 2011

in my room

i've recently taken to redoing my entire bedroom. i have a tendency to do this when my grandma is out of town, or when i'm really upset. this time it was the former. i really like how it is set up this time, so while it is clean and organized and looking good. here it is.


  1. What a cool room! It's good to revamp it from time to time; it renews vibes, I believe ;).

    Happy Friday!

  2. Very pretty! It makes me want to clean my room, finally. I like the mushroom clock especially.
    And my DS is blue with pokemon :P

  3. Oh goodness, I think you have the most perfect room I've ever seen. My room is terribly lame right now. Come remodel my room, please? :)

  4. I heart your room :)

  5. So many awesome details!

    I love your bedding - such gorgeous colours and patterns and the owl on your pillow is very sweet :) From bunting over mini-cacti to pyrex - a wonderful little space!

  6. i totally do the same - huuuge rearrange of my whole apartment every time i'm bummed out. i love your room, especially the bunting above your bed.


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