Saturday, April 9, 2011

hobbling along

it's not that i didn't want to take photos outside or anything, but when i was getting dressed my foot decided to run into a chair and i banged up my little tow on my right food pretty bad and it hurts to walk on it. so i decided to experiment with taking photos i my room. it was pretty silly, and maybe didn't provide the best results. but i liked this outfit.

i wish the weather would stop making the wind so cold. i'd like a warm spring day with a slight breeze. not this, blowing up your skirt kind of wind.

outfit details
top: forever 21
shorts: thrifted
tights: kohls?
shoes: vintage/ebay


  1. Oh, this is a great outfit! I hope i had thin legs to wear short, too!

    Hope your toe recovers soon!


  2. Lovely outfit! The blouse is really cute!
    Also the shoes are adorable!
    I hoop your foot will be better soon ;)
    xxx LondoN & pAris

  3. Hope your foot heals soon! Love your top, so pretty. I agree, weather this time of year is so awkward :)

  4. Such a pretty shirt. White ones with nice detailing are sort of my favorite right now :) They're so versatile. Love the feather on your arm and the ones on your wall :)


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