Monday, March 28, 2011

butterfly collars

hey look i'm inside! this is exciting. it was far too windy out (even though it's finally not raining) for me to stand outside in a dress, so i tried to do some photos inside. i bought this dress so long ago and i've never worn it. i always wanted to make it a mini dress, but never got around to it. instead, it'll be listed in the etsy shop tonight. this will be the first an last time i'll ever wear it.
i've been embracing messy hair lately. most of the time i won't even brush it. the only thing i think it needs is a light leave in conditioner that won't weigh down my fine hair, but will control the frizzies. any suggestions?
my grandma is gone for this whole week and so i've been going through everything i own and reorganizing. i might even redo my entire room. again. i have a tendency to do that either when i'm really upset, or when my grandma is out of town.

outfit details:
dress: vintage (borrowed from the shop)
belt: forever 21
shoes: asos

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh that dress is too good to be true. It is adorable!

  2. This is a beautiful dress! And I love the wooden floor :).

    Hope you have a nice week!


  3. Loovely dress, I love anything with a butterfly print, it's a print I've been dying to add to my wardrobe :D

  4. That dress is lovely! You look so pretty :)
    Also, I wish my hair looked as awesome when it's tame as yours does when it's messy!

  5. My hair is also feeling the frizzies. The humidity has been awful in Houston.

    Pretty dress!

  6. the dress is super cute
    but i'm in love with your shoesies ! adoration x

    amy !

  7. you havea gorgeous collection of dresses. the collar on this is just lush.

    Helen, X


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