Friday, March 25, 2011

sometimes we remember our bedrooms

living in a small town means commuting a lot. living in a small town means i don't have the luxury of taking the freeway to the town i have to go to for school. instead i take back country roads that flood when it rains, and are full of potholes and roadkill (i saw a coyote the other day). but driving and listening to good music on a sunny day always makes up for it.


  1. Oh, what a cool idea, Bethany! I wonder where you live exactly. I've been living in Ontario, California for over a month and still don't know what this is ... I mean, I know it's not the city (I lived in one in Buenos Aires, and this is far from it), but it's not the country either; I live close to the mountains, but not ON the mountains ... where am I living?! Haha.

    Hope you have a great weeked!


  2. Fab video, great idea & what a great song too...I agree, travelling is made much easier by having music to listen to :)


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