Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tick tock heart

things in a list:
  • eating grapefruit isn't easy. but it's so pretty and tasty and i miss it so much when i don't have it.
  • i haven't been thrifting a lot lately, but i did go to a couple of stores and i found this amazing owl clock and a cute vintage plaid skirt i plan on wearing as soon as possible.
  • my sewing has slowed down immensely. probably has something to do with school and waking up at 7:30 two days a week. but i've been sewing by hand instead. and it feels so lovely.
  • i'm about to go on a walk to pick up a couple of library books. i forgot about the library until recently.


  1. I've just remembered hand sewing too! So much nicer than the machine (which I usually struggle with).
    I got some library book too recently - yay free books. Honestly, best idea ever!

  2. I actually gasped as I scrolled down & saw the owl clock! How great! The skirt too looks lovely :) I haven't sewn anything in so long, I really must soon :)


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