Sunday, January 16, 2011

darkness, darkness, darkness

lately i've been obsessed with the power of positive thinking. i realize when i'm positive, people around me are also positive. it's infectious! i'm trying to keep this going as long as i can. it feels so lovely.
i wore this dress saturday to go watch the second half of a roller derby match with my friend anita. anita actually got me the dress for christmas. it makes me so happy knowing that my friends can pick out things i'd wear/like. then we went and got some snacks and played tetris on my old school nintendo system. we're both pretty skilled, i must say. anita is one of my favorite people in the world and i love when i get to spend time with her.

also, it's very hard to find a good place to photograph outfits in my house once it gets dark. all of the lighting is so terrible! i can't wait for the sun to start hanging out longer.

cardigan: thrifted
dress: thrifted/gift from anita!
belt: forever 21
socks: target
shoes: asos


  1. its always good to be positive.
    i love this outfit. love the cardigan and makes me think of a certain era, don't know what, though, haha.

  2. Very cute - I love the blouse and the patterned skirt :)
    Postive thinking is all well and good, just make sure you don't go too far and use it as a mask, otherwise you'll reach a point and crack! I only say this because I used to live with someone who took it too far.
    But I'm sure you're much smarter ;)


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