Thursday, January 20, 2011

sugar coats

about four years ago i bought this coat from urban outfitters. i never wore it because it was just a little too snug in the shoulders. i gave it to my mom, and then she gave it back to me because it was 'too nice for her'. and i tried it on for kicks and it fit just fine. so to celebrate, i went on a windy winter walk to pick up my library books. i ended up taking off the hat because i got too warm with my giant headphones.

shirt: rue 21
jeans: forever 21
shoes: thrifted
jacket: urban outfitters
bag: cambridge satchel/gift

i'm going to see dawes again today. i think that's the third time or so i've mentioned going to see them on this blog. i can't help it. they're so wonderful.


  1. That turned out well, a new coat for nothing! Its such a lovely colour & I love things with nice linings. Great satchel, I had wanted a cambridge one but only remembered after I'd spent all my Christmas/birthday money on other things, doh! :)

  2. Ohh the color is so beautiful and it looks so wonderful with your lovely satchel!

  3. Ah, your coat is adorable! And you look cute in it :).

    Hope you have nice plans for the weekend! ;)


  4. Yay that it fits now, that coat is adorable, I love the pretty lining! Oh, and your bag is a real beauty :)

  5. love your site! you look so cute in the pics great syle!

  6. You look pretty, i love your outfit!


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