Tuesday, December 14, 2010

handmade etsy feature

i feel like i've been busy nonstop. i had my first truly lazy day in a while yesterday and it was lovely. eating fake chicken burgers, sweet potato fries and mcflurries from mcdonalds. all while watching louie and season 6 of the office.

i've had a cold for the last few days. it's nothing terrible, but still has made me super sleepy.

christmas is coming up soon! both my sisters are home from college (montana and texas). and i feel like there is so much to do! including photos of my rearranged room. (i seem to have rearranged my room about 3 times this year alone) but here are some items from my own etsy shop that i'm loving right now. and hopefully more to come later this week! i had another craft show on saturday. not as good as handborn, but better than the one i did after that.

all photos are links, feel free to click through to see the item's page.


  1. Such a sweet needle point :)
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. oh i love your handmade pieces, so cute! hope you're enjoying your lazy day, it sounds like you deserve it! hope you feel better too! :)

  3. sooo cute! everything!

  4. Sweet potato fries are my most favorite :)


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