Tuesday, December 28, 2010


oh man, it's been a while. i'd apologize for my absence, but it was much needed. i began to feel pretty down in in the dumps and wasn't feeling inspired by much. but i plan to turn this right back around as soon as i can.

the holidays were lovely this year. my sisters and i have a weird tradition where we take photos in the bathroom together. we get super silly and have lots of fun.
left to right: kaelee: 21, samantha: 19 & me: 23.

i'm always wearing this dress. but here is a new appearance from some red tights, a cardigan from express that was a gift many moons ago and my new shoes!

kaelee's been away for a year in texas, and samantha is located in montana. so i like seeing them and spending time with them whenever possible.

these are probably one of my top favorite gifts i got this year (that i picked out). i love moccasins so much. i've gone through two previous pairs in the last three years, and i'm so glad to have a new pair.

aaah my insulated klean kanteen. i had a regular one before these came out but now i'll never go back. this sucker keeps ice water as ice water forever!

i also got a forestbound bag. it was one of the simple ones she was offering from black friday to cyber monday. it's so simple and beautiful.

i also got a lens for my pentax 645 medium format (film) camera. it's a 75mm f2.8 and i love it so. i've already gone shooting with it and i can't wait to develop my film from it.

i also baked a TON. i made chocolate dipped cookies with crushed peppermint, nutella sandwiches and cinnamon pinwheels.

i hope everyone had a happy holiday and that you'll have a happy new year as well!


  1. You look so lovely darling, I love that blue dress on you because it looks so lovely with your red hair! Looks like you did pretty well Christmas present wise :D

  2. Awe, lovely pictures with your sisters! :) You guys seem to be good friends; that's neat.

  3. You and your sisters are adorabubble!
    -Andi x

  4. You got the best gifts! I'm a little jealous.

    P.S. Woohoo Montana! I hope your sister loves it. It's the best state in the world. :)

  5. Aw, I'm a big sis, too! You and yours look so frigging cute. And now I SO wish we had baked together that night because I ended up ruining three batches of four things because I was sleepy and hungry and not paying attention. Boof.


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