Sunday, November 21, 2010

that western skyline

saturday i went to san francisco with tiara to see one of my most favorite bands, dawes play at the independent. another really good band, the romany rye were supposed to open up for them, but they had to cancel due to van troubles. such a shame, would've been lovely to see them again.

i wasn't sure how to dress for the concert. usually i have no problems, but i knew the weather was going to be on the colder side, and layers were going to have to be part of the equation. over here in the valley it's been relatively sunny and bright until the last week, and now it's finally starting to feel like autumn. i even had my first gingerbread latte from starbucks saturday. they're my favorite. always have been.

outfit details:
jacket: tucker for target
scarf: urban outfitters, last winter
cardigan: american eagle, earlier this year
dress: fletcher/lyell for urban outfitters
belt: thrifted
bag: vintage coach/thrifted
tights: hue
shoes: asos
brooch: i made it! expect to see some in the shop next week sometime!

the band also was so amazing! if you get a chance, listen to them. my 77 year old grandma even likes them.


  1. That brooch is super cute :)
    Love the colour of your tights, those shoes are most brilliant and I adore your glasses (I want them!)

    I hadn't come across Dawes before but they sound pretty good :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. The autumnal color scheme of your outfit is sooo lovely!
    Will try to remember to ask for a gingerbread latte next time I'm at Starbucks, I normally just get the boring regular caramel lattes XD

  3. You look cute :)
    Seeing a favorite band is the best.

  4. gorgeous outfit, i love all the autumnal colours! i'm also in love with your glasses, they're fabulous!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my what i've seen of your blog so far, i'm now following! :D

  5. Your glasses are just awesome!!!

  6. We saw Dawes back in November to! What a great show. Love them!
    ps. your camera brooch is pretty darn cute.


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